Do-24K-1 at Echuca, Australia.
Werk Nr. is one of five possibles: 765, 767, 768, 769 or 785.
Front part of the fuselage of a former Dutch Do-24K-1, was rescued from the scrap by Ron Pickles in 1949 as the last complete fuselage of a Dutch Do-24K-1, the rest being scrapped. It was sold to K. Osborn from Bendigo. He was the one who cut the fuselage in two, rebuilding the front part as boat with four bunks. The launch was in 1950 at Echuda. Later the plane/boat was moved to Barmah and Picnic Point. In 1954 Henry Horsfall bought the boat and brought it back to Echuca. In 1988 he sold it to someone in the same city. That person restored the boat and gave it a new paintjob. The boat is still being used.

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