Werk Nr. 785 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events May 5th 1939 flown from Germany to Papendrecht as D-AYWI.
May 1939 shipped from Rotterdam to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Blitar entering service as X-24.
Autumn 1941 served with the training school at Morokembangan.
February 1942 became part of GVT 7 and was flown to Lake Grati.
March 2nd 1942 flown to Australia, arriving at Port Hedland for fuel.
March 3rd 1942 arrived at Broome just after the Japanese attack there had past. Made flights between Australia, Tanibar, Kai and Aroe for the NEFIS (Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service) and NICA.
March 7th 1942 flown from Broome to Perth.
June 8th 1943 handed over to the RAAF entering service there as A49-6.
May 14th 1944 put into storage at No.1 Flyingboat Repair Depot at Lake Boga.
December 20th 1944 scrapped due to lack of parts.
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