What's New on these pages
Finaly added information to the Do-24T page. Also added some information to the following Werk Nummern:
October 16th 2006 It's been a very very long while. I had a sebattical which got extended beyond it's original idea.
Anyway back with a few updates, best of all (for me anyway) is the fact I was able to visit the
Do-24ATT during it's worldtrip in Biscarrosse and actually flew the latino as it's lovingly called by the crew. While I was in Biscarrosse I also visited the museum there and took some pictures of the wreckage of the Werk Nr. 1101.
I added a bit of information to the folliwing pages: Werk Nummern 91, 1009, 1010, 1101, 3262, 3267 & 3268. Also updated the Do-24N page.
For the older updates follow this link.