Werk Nr. 208 (Aviolanda) / 3267 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events Delivered to Seenotstaffel 7 as CM+RA.
Fuselage Werk Nr. was 5186.
November 17th 1943 made a flight from Amsterdam-Schellingwoude to Kiel-Holtenau with take-off at 12:05 and landing at 14:05. Pilot was Lt. Klauber and mechanic Uffz. Ullbricht.
November 27th 1943 crashed near Augsburg in Germany due to icing. The aircraft burned out and was a 100% loss. This was during a deliveryflight. The crew was Obergefreiter Nettelbeck, Obergefreiter Walter Wallraf, Obergefreiter Heinrich Seilkopf, Unteroffizier Wolfgang Kozuscheck, Unteroffizier Christopher Otten and Feldwebel Hans Scholz. All were killed in the crash.
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