Werk Nr. 1009 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events Delivered to the Seenotdienst as CI+GW.
September 22nd 1943 with the LZA Travemunde.
October 28th 1943 made a training flight from Kiel-Holtenau to Selent and back. Take-off at 09:07 landing at Selent at 09:17. The returntrip started at 09:17 with landing at Kiel-Holtenau at 12:23. Pilot was Lt. Heydolph and mechanic Uffz. Ullbricht.
1944 as M6+DL with Seenotstaffel 3 at Berre.
April 25th 1945 stationed at Grossenbrode.
May 1945 transferred to Seenotgruppe 81.
May 3rd made a transport flight from Größenbrode to Guldborg carrying Blitzmädchen. Among the crew were pilot Schüttler and mechanic Günter Kliesch. Take off at 21:15 and landing at 21:45 after 120 km of flying.
June 18th 1945 part of the evacuation from Guldborg to Schleswig. AMong the crew pilot Schüttler and mechanic Günter Kliesch. Take off was at 13:05 and landing at 14:00 after 220 km of flying.
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