Werk Nr. 772 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events September 8th 1938 flown from Friedrichshafen to The Netherlands as D-AYWI, entering service as X-12.
September 30th 1938 left Rotterdam on board of the Kota Agoeng, bound for the Dutch East Indies.
November/December 1938 detached to the east part of the Archipelos.
December 22nd 1941 as one of the aircraft of GVT 2 and GVT 5 ordered to bomb the ships and installations of Davoa.
December 26th 1941 07:00 alarm at Lake Tondano, several minutes later Japanese fighter appeared over the lake, the X-11, X-12 and X-25 were bombed on, all three catching flame and were total losses. 6 lives were lost and 17 people were wounded, one, Sergeant Evers, died of his wounds on January 4th 1942.
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