Werk Nr. 771 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events July 19th 1938 flown from Germany to Papendrecht in The Netherlands as D-AYWI and entered service as X-11 with the MLD.
August 19th 1938 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kertosono.
November/December 1938 detached to the east part of the Archipelos.
Autumn 1940 entered service with GVT 2, the task of GVT 2 being to guard the east part of the Archipelos.
December 8th 1942 based at Sorong as part of GVT 2.
December 22th 1941 transferred from Sorong to Lake Tondano.
December 23rd 1941 dropped bombs on a 10.000 ton Japanese tanker, one bomb hitting the ship on the bow, the others were near misses.
December 26th 1941 destroyed by a Japanese attack on Lake Rondano when it was readied for take-off.
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