Werk Nr. 3211 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events June 1943 delivered to Seenotstaffel 7 as KO+KA under the command of Seenot Bereichs Kommando XI.
August 13th 1943 was involved in a rescue mission with Werk Nr. 3214.
August 15th 1943 made a transportflight from Athens to Seriphos and back. Pilot was Staffelkapitan Hauptmann Losch and the rest of the crew were Ganseder, Becker, Bohnke, Kitzerow, Krumbach, Steinbock and Wehner.
September 6th 1943 made a rescue mission to search for a missing Junkers Ju-52. Crew were Leutnant Pfaffendorf, Oberfeldwebel Becker, Feldwebel Steinbock, Feldwebel Bohnke, Obergefreiter Rausch and Feldwebel Lind. The aircraft was Ju-52 Werk Nr. 6590 of I/TG 4 that crashed northwest of the island Kea due to fuelproblems (the fuel did not get into the engines and they shut down). Of the Ju-52 crew and passengers 1 was missing and 2 were injured. All survivors were brought to Athens.
September 17th 1943 made a rescue mission with pilot Oberfeldwebel Becker in Quadrant 0988. Take-off at 07:20, landing with wavestrength 1, taking on board the two crewmembers of a crashed Junkers Ju-87. Arrival at Athens at 10:15.
That same day another rescue mission was flown, arriving back at Athens at 20:10. The aircraft collided after landing with a wall and was damaged for 70%. The cause was probably pilot error, not seeing the wall because the base was blacked out due to nearby Allied aircraft. The crew were pilot Oberfeldwebel Becker, observer Hauptmann Losch, radio-operator Feldwebel Lind, mechanic Feldwebel Steinbock, mechanic Obergefreiter Rausch and gunner Feldwebel Boehnke. Some of the crew were badly wounded.
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