Formed ????
Disbanded 1942
Notes Pilots: J.G. Stegeman (unit commander), T. ten Klooster, P.L.G. Adriani, S.A. Snep & J.R. Goudberg.
X-31 lost during a Japanese attack on Morokrambangan on February 3rd 1942, is replaced by the X-3. X-29 is also added to the group.
X-29 with pilot Adriani is lost due to an emergency landing in the Java Sea on February 11th 1942, is replaced by the X-21.
X-21 does not return from a mining mission on February 25th 1942.
X-3, X-23 and X-28 evacuate from Lengkong to Australia on March 2nd 1942.

7 December 1941 probably stationed at Morokembangan.
26 December 1941 arrived at Tajan on west Borneo.
1 January 1942 arrived at Sambas on north-west Borneo.
28 January 1942 transferred to Ketapang on west Borneo.
30 January 1942 transferred to Morokembangan near Soerabaja on Java.

Known Do-24's that served with this unit 68
A map of the Dutch East Indies showing bases used by the Do-24.