Flottile 9Ftr
Formed 11-1944 at Saint Mandrier
Disbanded 01-1952
Notes This unit was founded because the French had a great need for maritime transportplanes for the Mediterranean. The first Dornier arrived on December 29th 1944 to this transport/communications/rescue squadron. The new Do-24T-3's were on service with a number of French planes that survived the war, the Breguet Bizerte, A Latecoure 611 and a Breguet 730. Longrange flights were made from their base Saint Mandrier near Toulon to French north and west Africa including such faraway places as Dakar.
January 14th 1952 became Escadrille 30S, all planes were transferred to Escadrille 53S.
Known Do-24's that served with this unit