Flottile 9F
Formed 01-1946 at Bizerte-Karouba
Disbanded ????
Notes Three Do-24's were with the group when it was formed, a fourth one arriving in May 1946. The total of nine was reached early 1947. The spair planes were placed at Saint Mandrier. 9F was a fighting unit, but was also used for SAR missions. Late 1946 the aircraft were equipped with an English radar (the first ASV Mk II being tested on Werk Nr. 11 in December 1945 at Mourillon) February 8th 1946 Werk Nr. 15 crashed in the sea, killing the crew. The wreckage was never raised. In 1946 more than 800 flying hours were clocked by the unit, about the same in 1947, but in 1948 the flying hours had risen to 1000. The time had come to replace the Do-24's and in Bizerte in February 1951 they had their final flypast. The flyingboats were flown to Saint Mandrier where a number were stored and a number went to Esc. 30S. With Flottile 9F they were replace by SBD2C-5 Helldivers, the unit becoming a carrier based attack squadron.
Known Do-24's that served with this unit 11