Werk Nr. ????
Type T
Events Delivered or transferred to the Seenotstaffel 7, although the prefix Q8 was that of Seenotstaffel 6. Information coming from Die 7 Seenotstaffel.
September 5th 1944 took off from Athens at 17:44 for the Suda Bight, arriving at 18:50. Crew were Dreier, Steinbock, Mailke, Krüger, Andreas and Ehlers.
September 6th 1944 made the returnflight to Athens, taking along 20 soldiers and 300 kg mail.
September 7th 1944 with the crew of Dreier made a flight from Athens to Suda taking along 2 passengers with take-off at 17:37.
September 8th 1944 took off from Suda at 05:30 with 20 soldiers and 300 kg mail for the returnflight to Athens.
September 27th 1944 this aircraft was shot at north of Crete near the island of Dia by a Do-24!!! Causing the middle engine to fail and the aircraft had to made an emergancy landing on the sea, later being towed to Suda. The crew were unhurt. Suspicion has later been proven that this was most likely the Do-24 J9+HA that deserted on September 7th and was now in use by the British!!
October 1st 1944 during the nightly returnflight from Suda to Athens the crew of Oberfeldwebel Huth, Feldwebel Weißhuhn, Unteroffizier Pott, Feldwebel Kayserling, Unteroffizier Lohmann and Unteroffizier Wendt are shot at by an English ship or nightfighter. The starboard engine was hit and they had to make an emergency landing near the coast of Rethymnon at 23:00 hours. The 26 soldiers on board were picked up after about 3-4 hours by a navy boat and the Do-24 was towed to the Suda Bight. To prevent the aircraft being captured by the Allies or not to have to set fire to the aircraft themselves they get the help of an army engineer to switch the starboard engine with the middle engine. All the not necessary equipment was taken out to lighten the aircraft.
October 3rd 1944 during the night the aircraft returns to Athens on only two engines and arrives there in the early hours of October 4th.
October 4th the repaired aircraft gets caught in an aerial battle with an English Beaufighter near Milos. The crew thought the aircraft was a German Ju-88 due to a false radio-message sent out by the English. The Do-24 received 21 hits in the fuselage, causing the lifevests and dinghy to cats fire. Under the guidance of one of the mechanics four army engineers on board were able to put out the fire. During the 8th attack run of the Beaufighter the English fighter is hit and turnes away in a shallow dive with a large smoketrail. Arriving back at the base the aircraft was just able to run up the ramp before she sank.
October 6th 1944 during the landing at Saloniki-Mikra (See) there was an attack by 14 USAF Lightning fighters. 13 of these were shot down and the last one flew into a mountain. It's pilot, an American Lieutenant, was picked up about 3 km out of the coast by the radio-operator of the Q8+AE, only moments before he was to be rescued by a Greek fishingboat.
October 12th 1944 the aircraft collides with an obstacle during a nightlanding at Saloniki and is a total loss. The crew of Oberleutnant Heinz Bliefert are unhurt.
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