Werk Nr. ?
Type T
Events In service with the Seenotstaffel 9 as 3Y+JT.
May 24th 1944 made a transferflight from Bug to Warnemünde with take-off at 04:53 and landing at 05:23. Among the crew were pilot Hildebrandt and mechanic Willi Busche.
That same day continued the transfer from Warnemünde to Schellingwoude. On the way the aircraft was attacked by an American P-47 Thunderbolt and suffered a few hits in the fuselage. The pilot made an emergency landing on the lake Gudow at 05:23. After waiting a while, most likely to make some repairs, they took off again at 16:07, landing at Schellingwoude at 18:32. Crew same as above.
May 30th 1944 made a transferflight from Bug auf Rügen to Travemünde with the same crew as above. Take-off was at 06:00 and landing at 07:00.
Later that day the aircraft made a local flight from Travemünde with take-off at 09:30 and landing at 09:40. Crew same as above.
May 31st 1944 transferred from Travemünde to Athens. Crew same as above. Take-off was at 05:07. Normally these flights make a stop-over at Venice, but this time the crew made an emergency landing at Belgrad-Semlin due to the American airattacks on the Ploeti oilfields in Rumania. The flight was continued at 15:00, landing in Athens at 18:45. There is no reason mentioned for this flight, but the most likely is that the aircraft was entering service with Seenotstaffel 7 which was stationed at Athens-Phaleron.
The crew was flown back to Austria (at that time Germany!) on June 3rd by Junkers Ju-52 (VC+GW, flown by Ebert) Take-off was at 14:20 to Saloniki (15:50). Take-off there at 16:45 via Betschkerek (19:00). Next day the flight continued with take-off at 05:30 and landing in Vienna at 07:50.
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