Karl-Heinz Lüdtke autobiografy part 2

When you start to read these "memories of a flyers life", you have to know that these memories are from almost 50 years back. Most of the time when you are older you start to remember more carefully the things that have passed. These memories are not only from the warperiod, but also from thereafter, from the reunions of the Seenotflieger every year in Bad Zwischenahn. The "Gemeinschaft Ehemaliger Seenotflieger" (Community of former rescue service flying personel), as they are now known, come together for 3-4 days and make trips by bus and enjoy evening meals in the Hotel Kemper. It is always good fun to see the old comrades and talk about old times, that are never to be forgotten. There were not only bad times you know, there were also very good times during the war, and those we like to remember most...

That everything during these meetings goes well we owe to our friend Wilhelm Borchers and his wife Christel who organize these get-togethers every year.

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