Do-24T-3 in the U.S.A.??

The following has been found with the help of Dave McDonald, Kent Kinal and Mikael Olrog:

Dave McDonald reports that Warbirds Worldwide Directory has Do 24T-3 Werk Nr. 467 (N99240), as being with D.Overton, Kenley N.C. Reported for sale in California in 1995. Was previously with the Spanish Airforce. Nothing mentioned about it's airworthy status.

Kent Kinal reports he recalls a Do-24 that had been re-engined and painted in a White and Red scheme, based out of New Jersey. He Can't remember where he saw the photo, but possibly an old Air Classics.

Mikael Olrog has confirmation that it doesn't excist, it's just a rumour thats dificult to kill. The registration N99240 given for that Do-24 is the same as used on a Spanish built Bü-131 station in California. Source of his information is Peter Cohausz, the authour of Deutche Flugzeug biz 1945.

As Mikael, I have my doubts about this example as there were only four Do-24T-3's left when the Spanish Air Force sold them en all four have been accounted for.

BUT, if anyone can provide further information about the possibility of this example being genuine then please contact me!