Fleet show near Soerabaja in the Dutch East Indies on September 6th 1938. The picture is taken from a torpedoboat of the Admiral Class. From left to right a minesweeper of the Van Amstel Class, Hr. Ms. De Ruyter, another minesweeper of the Van Amstel Class, Hr. Ms. Java and a Minelayer of the Prins van Oranje Class. Averhead are 15 planes. The top 6 are most likely Fokker T-IV's, the bottom 9 seem to be a mix between Dornier Wal's and Do-24K-1's. There was however no information with the picture regarding the planes. They might also, looking at the profiles, be Do-24K-1's and that is just possible as at that date 10 Do-24K-1's had been delivered to the MLD and one was either underway or had just arrived. If that is the case than this is a unique picture, showing the most Do-24's airborne in one picture.
Uitgeverij T. Wever BV
Picture taken from De Koninklijke Marine In De Tweede Wereldoorlog (deel 1).